Fire Duke, The

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Fire Duke, The

Fire Duke, The

By: Joel Rosenberg

series:Keepers of the Hidden Ways #1
audio performed by: Sean Crisden
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:07/12/2016


When strange wolf-like creatures kidnap his girlfriend and his mother, Torrie and his friend Ian Silverstein join Torrie's father, Thorsen, and the mysterious "Uncle Hosea" on a rescue mission via a passageway to the exotic world from which Hosea and Thorsen had fled two decades earlier. Once entering the world of The Hidden Ways, they must battle gods, monsters and men, including the sinister Fire Duke, who seeks ultimate power and control of magical gems that can destroy the universe.

Intrigue, swordplay and courage all loom large in this first novel of The Keeper of the Hidden Ways trilogy by bestselling author Joel Rosenberg, called by Mike Resnick "a major star in the fantasy firmament."