Spanish Marriage, The

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Spanish Marriage, The

Spanish Marriage, The

By: Madeleine Robins

audio performed by: Siobhan Flynn
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:08/09/2016


"You saved my life, Miss Cannowen. I will be pleased to take you to England with me."

To Dorothea Cannowen, these are the words that could save her life. An 18-year-old orphan, she is in the difficult position of being a penniless, unenthusiastic guest at a Spanish convent. Now Sir Douglas Matlin, whom she discovered wounded in the convent garden and nursed back to health, has offered to escort her back to London, where his aunt will happily launch her into society. But what will society think of a girl who traveled so far alone with a man? The resourceful Matlin suggests to the nuns that he marry Dorothea in Spain and have the marriage annulled upon their arrival in England. It's the perfect plan to keep the Londoners' tongues from wagging. Perfect except for one thing. It doesn't take love into account. And love has a way of complicating matters.