Brute Force

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Brute Force

Brute Force

By: Marc Cameron

series:Jericho Quinn #6
audio performed by: Tom Weiner
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:04/19/2016


In the aftermath of a devastating biological attack, America stands on the brink of disaster. The president of the United States is controlled by terrorists. The vice president, global mastermind Lee McKeon, is plotting his next move. And Special Agent Jericho Quinn is running for his life. Desperate to clear his name—and expose the conspirators in the White House—Quinn must race against time before McKeon can execute his evil plan.

It begins with heightened security, mass surveillance, and the establishment of a brutal police state. It can only end in the takeover of America. The only thing standing between democracy and destruction is a man named Quinn…and one perfectly aimed bullet.