Say My F*cking Name

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Say My F*cking Name

Say My F*cking Name

By: Jessica N. Watkins

audio performed by: Nicole Small, Cary Hite, Jakobi Diem, Wesleigh Siobhan
genre: Romance - Erotica
publication date:12/31/2019
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Love and hip-hop.... The two mix together smoothly, like Hennessy and Coke. 

Harmony used to love love. She loved the idea of being in love. As a result, Valentine's Day was her favorite holiday...was. Now, she hated the very thought of it. Cody had ruined it for her and any chance of her ever falling in love again. He ruined it so much that when she met Dallas, she didn't trust him to lead her to fall in love with love again. 

On Valentine's Day, Dallas experienced the biggest loss of his life. He ignorantly assumed that life couldn't get any worse. Yet, as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. God must have been cracking up at Dallas' plans because Dallas soon found himself completely lost for a year...until he met Harmony. She was perfect, yet Dallas was beyond flawed and at the lowest part of his life. He should have been honest with her when he'd first met her. Instead, he only proved to her that men couldn't be trusted.