Northern Ireland Conflict, The

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Northern Ireland Conflict, The

Northern Ireland Conflict, The

By: Aaron Edwards, Cillian McGrattan

series:Bolinda Beginner Guides
audio performed by: Richard Aspel
genre: Political/Social - Political Science
publication date:03/22/2016


The Northern Ireland conflict is one of the most protracted, bitter, and complex campaigns of terrorism the Western world has ever seen. Since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the region has come a long way, finally achieving a hard-won peace. Yet hostility between Unionists and Nationalists is as strong as ever, communities remain divided, and sectarian violence is rife.

Edwards and McGrattan’s balanced introduction skilfully dissects the "Troubles" to offer fresh perspectives on their complicated history and legacy. Containing interviews with influential figures from both communities, this landmark work will help anyone seeking a better understanding of the ongoing dispute over Northern Ireland.