Second Chance

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Second Chance

Second Chance

By: Willow Winters

audio performed by: Jean-Paul Mordrake, Alexa McKraken
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:11/20/2018


Nathan always had the most beautiful smile.  

Every time I caught a glimpse of it, I had to smile too. 

It didn't matter that he grew up on the wrong side of the city, I saw the good in him… even when he didn't. 

That wasn't enough to keep us together in high school though. 

One night ruined everything. A night I'll never forget.

Years have passed and now he's on the cover of magazines and the star of movies.

The reformed bad boy with with a charming smile that makes women weak in the knees.

No one knows what happened that night that forced us apart. No one can ever know. 

I can't tell him no, even if I wanted to. 

The moment he locked his light blue eyes on me again, I was ruined. 

I never stood a chance.