Breaking Hollywood

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Breaking Hollywood

Breaking Hollywood

By: Samantha Towle

audio performed by: Christian Rummel, Brooke Bloomingdale
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:04/03/2018


Breaking Hollywood is a hot and hilarious stand-alone romance from New York Times best-selling author Samantha Towle....

It wasn't supposed to be like this.... I wasn't supposed to be boyfriendless, homeless, and jobless at 28. And I most definitely wasn't supposed to hit Hollywood's resident bad boy Gabriel Evans with my car and break his foot.

Now I'm stuck in his apartment, taking care of him while he's incapacitated. Living with the hottest guy in Hollywood, who I've had a crush on forever, doesn't sound like a chore, right? Wrong.

Gabriel Evans is rude and crude and drinks way too much, and as soon as his foot is healed I'm out of here.

So why do I keep forgetting to check the classifieds? And keep getting flustered when I see him shirtless? Breaking Hollywood wasn't part of the plan. But neither was falling in love with him.

"Breaking Hollywood is romantic comedy at its best. It's laugh-out-loud funny, incredibly sexy, sweetly heartfelt and unadulterated fun.... You'll be smitten with everything about this entertaining, steamy, and feel-good romance." (USA Today's Happy Ever After)

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