Mahé Circle, The

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Mahé Circle, The

Mahé Circle, The

By: Georges Simenon

audio performed by: Philip Bird
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:07/04/2017


The first English publication of Georges Simenon's compelling novel about summer escape and elusive obsessions.

'The island itself. Its throbbing heat as if in a bell jar under the sun, the scorpion in his son's bed, the deafening sound of cicadas.'

During his first holiday on the island of Porquerolles, Dr Mahé caught a glimpse of something irresistible. As the memory continues to haunt him, he falls prey to a delusion that may offer an escape from his conventional existence - or may destroy him.

This is the first English translation of The Mahé Circle, Simenon's dark, malevolent depiction of an ordinary man trapped in mundanity and consumed by obsession.