By the Waters of Liverpool

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By the Waters of Liverpool

By the Waters of Liverpool

By: Helen Forrester

audio performed by: Liane-Rose Bunce
genre: Biography - Biography
publication date:07/04/2017


The third best-selling volume in the powerful story of Helen Forrester's childhood and adolescence in poverty-stricken Liverpool during the 1930s.

Helen has managed to achieve a small measure of independence. At 17, she has fought and won two bitter battles with her parents, the first for the right to educate herself at evening classes, the second for the right to go out to work. Though her parents are still as financially irresponsible as ever, wasting money while their children lack blankets, let alone proper beds, for Helen the future is brightening. She begins to make friends her own age and develop some social life outside the home.

At 20, still never knowing the loving kiss of a man, Helen meets Harry, a strong, tall seaman, and things finally start to fall into place....