Katy Carter Wants a Hero

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Katy Carter Wants a Hero

Katy Carter Wants a Hero

By: Ruth Saberton

audio performed by: Emma Fenney
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:07/04/2017


Katy Carter knows she's no domestic goddess: she's scatterbrained, she needs a fire extinguisher at the ready when she's cooking and she daily falls off the diet wagon. But that doesn't stop her fantasising about a hero to call her own. And Katy thinks she's found him in fiancé James, a charming, high-flying city banker.

So why, then, does Katy find herself scribbling steamy historical romances every spare moment she gets and daydreaming about becoming a published author when she ought to be paying attention in staff meetings?

As her wedding day looms, Katy determines to become a wife James can be proud of and employs the help of her best friend, Oliver, to impress James' colleagues and family. But despite best laid plans, the pair set off a hilarious train of events that leads Katy on a crazy journey through celebrity, chaos and makeovers and, finally, into the arms of her hero.