Beaming Sonny Home

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Beaming Sonny Home

Beaming Sonny Home

By: Cathie Pelletier

audio performed by: Erin Moon
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:06/07/2016


Fortune hasn't been kind to 66-year-old Mattie Gifford. Her mother committed suicide, her husband slept with her best friend, and she can't stand her three selfish daughters. But she does love her son, Sonny, who nevertheless plunges her into deep despair when he takes two women and a poodle hostage in his ex-wife's trailer. Sonny claims to have seen John Lennon's face in an apparition and gets his own mug on the television news.

Beaming Sonny Home is a poignant tale of disappointment and a mother's love that stands as a testament to Pelletier's gift for storytelling.