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By: Georgia Blain

audio performed by: Kimberley Duband
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:07/04/2017


I am a lotto girl. I should not be here. Why haven't they come for me?

Fern Marlow is alone, data wiped and in hiding. Her mobile says she's Delia Greene, a ReCorp refuse sorter. Every day she queues to work to earn just enough to stay alive. Every night she dreams of the past and the life she's meant to be living back at Halston, an exclusive school for those wealthy enough - or lucky enough - to be genetically designed.

Her rescuers said her former life was a lie, that she can trust no one. They also said they'd come back for her, and they haven't. Fern doesn't know who to believe. To uncover the truth and save herself, Fern must answer the one question she can't face. Is she special?

An alarming glimpse into our future from acclaimed Australian author Georgia Blain.