Spirit of '76, The

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Spirit of '76, The

Spirit of '76, The

From Politics to Technology, the Year America Went Rock & Roll

By: David Browne

audio performed by: Eric Martin
genre: Entertainment - Art
publication date:02/21/2017


From the author of the acclaimed 1970 chronicle Fire and Rain, an eye-opening look at yet another pivotal moment in American history - 1976, the year the spirit of rock & roll re-energized the country.

By the mid '70s, America was stuck in a post-Watergate malaise. Then came Jimmy Carter, "Rocky", the Ramones, Apple computers, and a slew of awards for a new late-night series called Saturday Night Live. Each of those milestones arrived in 1976 - and marked the moment the counterculture became the culture. Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the participants, Browne - a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and author of Fire and Rain and Dream Brother - vividly chronicles the year America went rock & roll in everything from politics to technology. The Spirit of '76 will make you think anew about an under-appreciated moment in the country - and will make you wonder if its optimistic, can-do spirit of reinvention and renewal will ever come again.