D.C. Noir

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Brand new stories by: George Pelecanos, James Grady, Kenji Jasper, Jim Beane, Jabari Asim, Ruben Castaneda, James Patton, Norman Kelley, Jennifer Howard, Richard Currey, Lester Irby and others.

Mystery sensation Pelecanos pens the lead story and edits this groundbreaking collection of stories detailing the seedy underside of the nation's capital. This is not an anthology of ill-conceived and inauthentic political thrillers. Instead, in D.C. Noir, pimps, whores, gangsters, and con-men run rampant in zones of this city that most never hear about.

The complete list of narrators includes Cassandra Campbell, William Dufris, Mirron Willis, Carol Monda, Ray Porter, Nick Sullivan, Victor Bevine, Scott Brick, Anthony Bowden, Pentice Onayemi, David Ledoux, Kevin Free, and Johnny Heller.