Earth Aflame

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Earth Aflame

Earth Aflame

By: Daniel Arenson

series:Earthrise #11
audio performed by: Jeffrey Kafer
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:02/18/2020


The Singularity has come. The machines have risen. 

Our robots, once loyal servants, now slaughter us. Our cars, planes, and starships have become machines of death. Cyborgs roam the land, deforming humans, growing their twisted army. 

Is a heartless, mechanized hell our future? 

A faint hope shines. Heroes still fight. Famous names. Einav. Marco. Addy. Lailani. The heroes of the Alien Wars. Names etched in our history, in our hearts. Four friends. Four humans . . . against an army of metal. 

A shadow has fallen. Humanity must shine brighter than ever before.