Man You Meet in Heaven, The

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Man You Meet in Heaven, The

Man You Meet in Heaven, The

By: Debbie Viggiano

audio performed by: Allie Croker
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:02/11/2020


When Hattie Green pops to the shop one afternoon, she never expects her life to flash before her eyes between the tins of baked beans and a special offer on sliced white. One minute she's loading her trolley and thinking about what to give her son for dinner, and the next she's speaking to a gorgeous man in a glowing white suit about what her life could have been.... 

If you had the chance to go back and relive it all, what would you do differently? Go on that date, take that that second biscuit? Hattie is about to discover where she went wrong, but will her mystery second chance reveal some stonking secrets in her past that probably should have stayed hidden? 

A gorgeous romantic comedy from the best-selling author of What Holly's Husband Did. Perfect for fans of Tracy Bloom, Marian Keyes and Dawn French.