Skipped a Beat

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Skipped a Beat

Skipped a Beat

By: JB Salsbury

series:Love, Hate, Rock-n-Roll #2
audio performed by: Teddy Hamilton, Callie Dalton
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:12/01/2020


Ryder Kyle is a spoiled, self-righteous jerk. 

He doesn't understand suffering. Entitled guy like him wouldn't recognize desperation if it smacked him in his perfect face. I don't need him, but I do need a ride west. I won't let the guy who reminds me of the mess I left behind interfere with my plan to get to Los Angeles. 

This woman is nuts! 

People don't sneak on a tour bus looking for shelter. That's what crazy fangirls do, but she's far from a fan. She says she's homeless and asks for help by throwing insults. Her words are like a viper strike and she's made me her target. We're dumping her at the next stop. 

Skipped a Beat is an enemies-to-lovers rock star romance that proves one seemingly insignificant choice can change the path of an entire life.