Forever Yours

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Forever Yours

Forever Yours

By: Rishabh Puri

audio performed by: Lavanya Krishna, Aswin Varrier
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:02/04/2020


Kabir is a true blue Delhi guy, an eligible bachelor, living a life most can only dream of. With wealth by his side and passion in his stride, he wants to make the family business reach newer heights. He could never have imagined how a phone call from his sister Rashi would change his life forever. 

Aamna had gone missing after she left home for an audition. Abducted and threatened into being an escort, she is heartbroken and lonely. With nobody to trust and no dreams to chase, she is scared, even after she is rescued by Rashi's team. 

It is when Aamna meets Kabir that life starts looking brighter. They bond over movies and food and try to see the other side of life. While Aamna promises to help catch the man responsible for so many girls being abducted and trafficked, Kabir realizes how deeply he is connected with her and how his heart beats faster when she is around. 

In trying to find a way into happiness, and saving several others from a tainted fate, Kabir and Aamna find their true calling in Forever Yours.