Reign of Brayshaw

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Reign of Brayshaw

Reign of Brayshaw

By: Meagan Brandy

series:Brayshaw High #3
audio performed by: Stephen Dexter, Jillian Macie
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:03/17/2020
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A Top 20 Amazon Best Seller

Number one in New Adult Romance

In the world of morally corrupt teenagers, only the strongest survive....

"Trust only those who earn it." A sentiment I follow without direction but holds more consequence than ever before.  

One decision, five lives, three futures.
This is what's at stake.  

One night, one choice, four broken Brayshaws.
That is where we're headed.  

Unless I stop it.
I have to stop it.  

I have to remind him of what he's chosen to forget.  

My town. My choice. My ending.  

Reign of Brayshaw is the highly anticipated conclusion to Maddoc and Raven's story and the third in the Brayshaw series. This book must be listened to after both books one and two.