Thieves Fall Out

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Thieves Fall Out

Thieves Fall Out

By: Gore Vidal, Cameron Kay

audio performed by: Will Damron
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Crime Fiction
publication date:05/26/2020


Lost for more than 60 years and overflowing with political and sexual intrigue, Thieves Fall Out provides a delicious glimpse into the mind of Gore Vidal in his formative years. By turns mischievous and deadly serious, Vidal tells the story of a man caught up in events bigger than he is, a down-on-his-luck American hired to smuggle an ancient relic out of Cairo at a time when revolution is brewing and heads are about to roll.

One part Casablanca and one part torn-from-the-headlines tabloid reportage, this novel also offers a startling glimpse of Egypt in turmoil—written over half a century ago, but as current as the news streaming from the streets of Cairo today.