Then and Now

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Then and Now

Then and Now

By: Bella Jewel

series:The Edge Of Retaliation #3
audio performed by: Chelsea Hatfield
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:03/24/2020
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The FINAL book in The Edge of Retaliation series!!

Dear Fate,

Here I am, finally writing to you again.

Things haven't changed, fate.

Time hasn't healed anything.

As always, nothing makes sense.

Things aren't coming together as they should.

Time has changed us very little.

It has only made everything that much more confusing.

Nothing is fixed.

Nobody is happy.

We still live with a dark cloud over our heads.

A cloud you refuse to clear away.

If only you'd explain yourself.

If only you'd tell me why you picked me?

If only you'd tell me why you took Celia?

If only you'd tell me why you chose Tanner?

If only you'd tell me why this web of lies keeps growing bigger?

Why you can't just let us be?

I have no answers.

I do, however, have so many questions.

Can you answer those for me, fate?

Of course you can't. You want me to figure this out.

To learn some valuable lesson.

How am I to do that, when you keep changing the rules?

No, fate, rules are not meant to be broken.

They're there for a reason.

Stop changing reason.

You can't control everything.


You can control everything.

You're making sure I know that.

You're making sure I know you're coming for me.

For our final battle.

I'm ready, fate. I'm so ready.

It's time for my freedom.

The freedom we both know I deserve.

I'll get my peace.

Just you wait and see.