Secret Crush, The

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Secret Crush, The

Secret Crush, The

By: Tina Wells

series:Mackenzie Blue #2
audio performed by: Katie Schorr
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:03/31/2020
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Mackenzie Blue has a crush!

But how can she get Landon--the cutest boy in school--to notice her? The class's new rock-and-roll musical is her chance.

Reasons why our musical is going to be amazing:

I could be the star!

Landon could be my co-star...which means we'll hang out together.

Working on the sets, props, music, script, and costumes will be tons of fun.

There's so much to do, I'd better get started!

Between her crush, the musical, and her friends--not to mention school work---Zee is torn in a thousand different directions. With all the real-life drama going on, will she lose sight of what's really important?