No Vacancy

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No Vacancy

No Vacancy

By: Stephanie Rose

audio performed by: Rita Fleur, David Vaughn
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:04/14/2020


"You're supposed to feel a little sad after vacation ends, but it's not supposed to break your heart." 

No Vacancy is a lighthearted and steamy stand-alone romance. 

Perpetual good girl Caterina Longo is dependable to a fault. At 33, she's never called in sick. Never had a one-night stand. Never taken a chance in her entire life. When she walks in on a cheating ex and sees everything wrong with her life, she takes off on a solo vacation, busting out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a guy she never saw coming. 

Joe Hunter has no room for distractions. Making his restaurant a success and proving his worth to his family - and himself - is his sole focus. At least it is until a beautiful stranger, in search of fried food and a shoulder, wanders in one night. 

Is two weeks of unexpected, life-altering passion all they're meant to share? What happens when vacation ends and real life takes over?