Snow 2

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Snow 2

Snow 2

A Love Story Fueled By Cocaine

By: Jessica N. Watkins

audio performed by: Patrick Stevens, Miranda Jay
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:04/21/2020


A love story birthed in the streets and fueled by cocaine....

When Snow Wilson graduated from high school, she would have never imagined that such unimaginable deadly circumstances would snatch her off of the campus of the HBCU and land her in the whirlwind of the drug game. Yet, she juggled it all to the best of her ability in order to take care of her brothers, Killion and Prince, and her incarcerated best friend, Bae. She found her strength to push past her pain with the help of Zo, a single father, with the same reason to hustle hard in order to survive. 

After being unjustly incarcerated for the murder of a classmate, Bae had been spending the last year suffering incredible and painful losses while being imprisoned. Her attorney, Diego, has been working mercifully to get her released from prison. However, many aspects of prison force her violent hand, affecting her chances of winning her appeal. 

The commencement of Snow's reign over her father's network began with a bloodbath. Will Zo lose yet another love of her life, or will she finally get her happily ever after? While fighting off the demons of prison, Bae finds an angel. Yet, the prison walls not only keep inmates from their loved ones on the outside; it keeps them from the loved ones that they find on the inside as well. 

Who survived that bloody Christmas night? Will Bae get the opportunity of freedom, or is she safer inside, where the demons of the past can't get her? Find out in the finale of the Snow series!