Murder in the Dark

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Murder in the Dark

Murder in the Dark

By: Betsy Reaveley

audio performed by: John Hopkins
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:06/16/2020
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Without a motive, how do you identify the killer?

Imagine a quaint little bookshop. Outside, the snow is falling. Inside, the shelves are stacked with books by authors waiting to be discovered. What could be better?

When Tilly Edgely lands a position working at Ashton's bookshop in Cambridge, she thinks she's found her perfect job. But one winter's morning, when she arrives to open up, she discovers the body of her boss suspended from the ceiling, hanging by a rope around his neck.

DCI Barrett and DI Palmer are called to the scene and quickly find themselves searching for a twisted killer whose identity and motive are nearly impossible to trace.

But just when they think they have the murderer in their sights, another body shows up throwing the case wide open....

Who is behind the killings and why?

The police have their work cut out and the key to unlocking the gruesome mystery might be found right under their nose.

But one thing is for certain, this killer will leave you hanging....

Betsy Reavley is the international best-selling author of multiple thrillers, including The Optician's Wife and Frailty. Murder in the Dark is the follow-on to Murder at the Book Club, though can equally be enjoyed as a stand-alone. It's a gripping mystery thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like Joy Ellis, Faith Martin and LJ Ross.