Leaving Party, The

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Leaving Party, The

Leaving Party, The

By: Lesley Sanderson

audio performed by: Charlie Sanderson, Lucy Price-Lewis
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:06/16/2020
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Every year on the same day, on the anniversary, I receive a single black rose. Thirteen years of dark petals, jagged thorns, dredging up memories I've tried to forget… 

I've packed up my life. All my belongings are carefully sealed in labelled boxes, my suitcases ready for my big move. I'm just days away from a new life abroad with my boyfriend, Ben. 

No one knows the real reason I'm desperate to leave. 

My best friend, Lena, is throwing me a leaving party. A celebration, to say goodbye. Champagne to toast my farewell. Speeches, full of fond memories. 

No one knows what I'm running from. 

Then another black rose appears, dragging up 13 years of buried memories. My passport goes missing. The very people I am trying to escape from turn up at our house. 

Someone knows what I did. 

This party was meant to be the first night of the rest of my life - but now I don't know if I'll see tomorrow. 

Someone knows my secret. They're in my home, they're at my party, and they're making me pay for it. 

Psychological thrillers don't get more addictive than this! Fans of K. L. Slater, The Girl on the Train and The Wife Between Us will love it.