Hope When Life Unravels

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Hope When Life Unravels

Hope When Life Unravels

Finding God When It Hurts

By: Adam B. Dooley

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genre: Faith Based - Christian Living
publication date:06/23/2020
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Pastor Adam Dooley and his wife Heather felt their lives unravel with the shocking diagnosis that their precious 3-year-old, Carson, had leukemia. In Hope When Life Unravels, Adam shares openly and honestly about the gut-wrenching struggle his family faced for the next 3 years and how God met them in their hours of need.

In this book Adam also dives deeply into the Bible in search for answers to questions like, where is God when a child has cancer? How could this be happening to an innocent child? Why does God allow things like this? Can we trust him when we have to endure suffering?

Hope When Life Unravels is rich with biblical wisdom and theological insights by someone who has walked a painful road. God strengthened Adam's family during their season of suffering. And Adam reveals the ways that God will be present in your pain too.