On the Double

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On the Double

On the Double

Drills, Drama, and Dare-Devilry at the Indian Military Academy

By: Tanushree Podder

audio performed by: Tavish Bhattacharya
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller-Military
publication date:05/26/2020
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The Indian Military Academy – a crucible of sorts where young boys are transformed into officers of merit through discipline, hard work, and a rigorous regime.

A place where life is all about battalions and companies, and where the tactics of warfare are taught. However, in Tanushree Podder's no-holds-barred look into Academy life – pranks and girls are as important to life as are morning drills and sand model exercises.

A fitting but entirely independent sequel to Boots Belts Berets, her celebrated book about life at the National Defence Academy, On the Double follows the continuing adventures of Pessi, Maachh, Porky, Sandy and Zora as they navigate the obstacle course that is the IMA.

Their love of fun breathes life into their time together, and their friendship and dare-devilry guarantees sleepless nights for their Company Commander.

A charming tale of friendship and coming-of-age, where young boys with lofty dreams stand at the cusp of change, ready to take on their future as sentinels of the nation.