Leap of Destiny

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Leap of Destiny

Leap of Destiny

By: Craig A. Falconer

series:Not Alone #5
audio performed by: James Patrick Cronin
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:06/02/2020
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The fifth book in the best-selling Not Alone series is now here!

Sometimes the only way out is to fall further in....

As Earth's leaders gather to usher in a new era of interplanetary cooperation, a remarkable discovery in the skies above New Kerguelen threatens to destroy the peace on both worlds.

The consequences are so immediate and the potential ramifications so colossal, thoughts of a new era quickly fall by the wayside.

And when all that counts is surviving the tumultuous present, responsibility might fall again on Dan McCarthy - humanity's once unwilling conduit between worlds - to bravely take a leap like no other....