Last Stand Omnibus

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Last Stand Omnibus

Last Stand Omnibus

Jack Forge, Lost Marine, Books 7-9

By: James David Victor

series:Jack Forge, Lost Marine
audio performed by: Jamie Renell
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:06/02/2020
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In a cold and unforgiving galaxy, the only thing you really need is a place to call home.

A Military Sci-Fi Adventure from Amazon All-Star Author James David Victor

Jack Forge and the remnants of the human race are alone in the deep black of space seeking a new home. The aliens seeking their demise are enough to push humanity into extinction, but they may not be the worst enemy. Can Jack and the human race find a safe place to call home, or are they doomed to wander the galaxy until humanity is no more?

The Last Stand Omnibus contains the last three books in the Jack Forge, Lost Marine series. If you like fast-paced military science fiction, you will love watching Jack fight for the freedom of all.

Stories included: Enemy Within, New Home, and Last Stand. Read the Last Stand Omnibus and finish the epic Jack Forge adventure today!