Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, The

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Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, The

Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, The

Delicious Meals From The Indian Kitchen

By: Nandita Iyer

audio performed by: Aditi Thirani
genre: Miscellaneous - Health/Diet
publication date:06/02/2020
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"With this book, Nandita serves up her repertoire through easy-to-follow and source recipes that will certainly add much-needed oomph to your tables and lifestyles." (Chef Manu Chandra)

Cooking healthy meals can be creative, easy and downright fun! In The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, Dr Nandita Iyer, trained nutritionist and self-taught celebrity chef, provides a fantastic combination of myth-busting nutritional advice and simple, fuss-free vegetarian recipes using everyday ingredients from the Indian kitchen. In over 100 delectable recipes spread across four sections, she guides you through interesting ways of preparing the same old vegetables and fruits, while upping the protein content of your diet, and ensuring you get your daily dose of energy-filled grains and brain-stimulating fats. 

This book comes complete with: 

  • The low-down on the nutritional values of everyday superfoods and advice on how to incorporate them into your diet
  • Diabetic-friendly meals as well as vegan and gluten-free recipes
  • Daily meal plans featuring interesting combinations that balance your nutritional intake
  • Tips on growing your own foods in your garden, terrace or balcony

This book will undoubtedly inspire you to opt for a healthier way of life.