When The Hangman Came to Galway

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When The Hangman Came to Galway

When The Hangman Came to Galway

A Gruesome True Story of Murder in Victorian Ireland

By: Dean Ruxton

audio performed by: Aidan Kelly
genre: True Crime - True Crime
publication date:07/07/2020


Galway, the winter of 1885. The violent murders of John Moylan, killed in a dark boreen, and Alice Burns, shot dead in the dining room of the Royal Hotel, have shaken the county. Now, following painstaking investigations and charged courtroom drama, justice beckons for the guilty parties.

James Berry, the notorious executioner who ended the lives of over one hundred criminals in Victorian Britain and Ireland, has come to town. The paths of a secret paramour, a jilted lover and a reluctant hangman are about to cross.

When the Hangman Came to Galway is a chilling true story that delivers a meticulously researched, eye-opening portrait of Victorian Ireland and a spine-tingling tale of love, revenge, murder and retribution.