Super Mad at Everything All the Time

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Super Mad at Everything All the Time

Super Mad at Everything All the Time

Political Media and Our National Anger

By: Alison Dagnes

audio performed by: Patricia Rodriguez
genre: Political/Social - Political Science
publication date:07/07/2020
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Super Mad at Everything All the Time explores the polarisation of American politics through the collapse of the space between politics and culture, as bolstered by omnipresent media. 

It seeks to explain this perfect storm of money, technology, and partisanship that has created two entirely separate news spheres: a small, enclosed circle for the right wing and a sprawling expanse for everyone else. 

This leads to two sets of facts, two narratives, and two loudly divergent political sides with extraordinary anger all around. Based on extensive interviews with leading media figures and politicos, this book traces the development of the media machine, giving suggestions on how to restore our national dialogue while defending our right to disagree agreeably.