Stocking Was Hung, The

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Stocking Was Hung, The

Stocking Was Hung, The

By: Tara Sivec

series:The Holidays #1
audio performed by: James Cavenaugh, Neva Nevarre
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:07/07/2020
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What happens when your life goes to crap the week of Christmas? You invite a hot Marine you met in an airport bar to come home with you for the holidays, to distract your crazy family from the truth.

With a handsy aunt, a meddling mother, and a father concerned for the wellbeing of his daughter's eggnog, there's no chance Sam and Noel will have time to fall in love...or will they?

The Stocking Was Hung is the first of three books about The Holiday family. It's a full-length Christmas novel that will make you laugh, make you HOT, and maybe even make you say, "Awwwww" a few times.