Off Limits

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Off Limits

Off Limits

By: Jules Barnard

series:Men of Lake Tahoe #1
audio performed by: Meghan Styles
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:07/14/2020
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Setting up my stunning best friend should have been easy - and my brother's best friend, Jaeger, seemed like the perfect candidate. Until I saw him again.


Jaeger Lang, my secret high school crush, has grown up and bulked up. But that doesn't matter, because I have a perfect life. Really.

Until my boyfriend turns out to be a douche, I lose my job, and my life plan falls apart.

Even so, I could keep my hands to myself...if not for those hard abs, broad shoulders, and intense green eyes.

I should hold back in case my friend is interested. Or in case Jaeger's ex has some claim on him. Or in case of a million other reasons.

But if he's not willing to play by the rules, I don't think I can, either.