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By: Isobelle Carmody

series:The Legendsong #2
audio performed by: Isobelle Carmody
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:08/15/2020


These are the signs by which the Unraveller shall be known:

Half-blind yet seeing all,

marked by visioning yet without Darkfall mark,

who lives yet sings the death song,

who is born yet is not of the Song of Making,

who is gifted from the Great Waters,

who is crowned in bright flame

. . . Legendsong of the Unykorn.

But Ember is dying and her only hope of healing lies upon the mysterious island of Darkfall, in the form of the soulweaver Chieftain Signe. Time is running out for both sisters but only the mysterious manbeast Ronaall knows that the fate of Keltor and of Glynn and Ember's world –our world – is also at stake, for what befalls one world, will befall all worlds...