Happy Medium, The

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Happy Medium, The

Happy Medium, The

Swap the weight of having it all for having more with less

By: Annmarie O'Connor

audio performed by: Annmarie O'Connor
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:08/15/2020


The speed of modern culture combined with the hyper-connectivity of technology has shifted our perspective from good enough to never enough. We are now primed to expect more, to aspire to better, and to want nothing less than the best.

The reality? It's making us miserable.

So if you'd like to swap the weight of 'having it all' for having more with less, then get ready: it's time to discover your happy medium.

This isn't a mantra of mediocrity. Rather, it's about finding balance in a full-throttle culture. Offering a paradigm-shifting manifesto for Generation Burn-out, The Happy Medium will help you gain perspective and get rid of unsustainable expectations of what constitutes a life well lived.

You'll discover what you really need so you can get more of what you actually want,, and begin to define your happiness on your own terms.