Love or Work

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Love or Work

Love or Work

Is It Possible to Change the World, Stay in Love, and Raise a Healthy Family?

By: André Shinabarger, Jeff Shinabarger

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genre: Faith Based - Christian Living
publication date:08/18/2020
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Bringing data-driven insight like Good to Great and Built to Last, alongside the solid advice of Love and Respect, this is how working couples manage business and life well.

We love each other, love our kids, and love our work. We want to live on purpose and raise our family—we want to do it all. But, if we are really honest, it's hard. If we look at the greatest social influencers in history, many have given their lives to a calling at the cost of their families and relationships. Yet, we celebrate them as heroes.

In many scenarios, the well known leader has been given priority to pursue their purpose and their partner has been given responsibility of the family. There are other scenarios where leaders have chosen to never be in a committed relationship because they viewed their work as more important. Other couples have proactively chosen not to have children believing them to be a limitation

to the mission the couple is pursuing. We want to unpack the possibility (and hope) that we both can pursue our dreams, stay in love, and raise kids that will change the world.

Over the next two years, we are committed to interviewing 100 working couples on this emerging topic. We will interview a broad array of industries, from professional sports and music, to entrepreneurs and CEO's, to fashion icons and church leaders. Additionally, we have funded and completed a national

research project in partnership with Barna Research. We launched a new digital community and are sharing our interviews through our growing Love or Work podcast. This project began with a roadtrip (in partnership with Airstream) and new opportunities keep emerging everyday. This book will be the release of the research and our personal story that will shape a new direction in working families.