Today's Wonder Women

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Today's Wonder Women

Today's Wonder Women

Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing the World

By: Asha Dahya

audio performed by: Sarah Mollo-Christensen
genre: Political/Social - Social Science
publication date:08/11/2020
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"In what can be a disheartening era for women, Asha Dahya delivers hope. The women chronicled here, from activists to entrepreneurs will provide every feminist in your life not only with inspiration but with motivation to go out and change the world." (Jennifer Wright, author of We Came First: Dating Advice from Women in History and Political Editor-at-Large for Harper's Bazaar)

Meet the women and female-identifying heroes who have defied death, flouted cultural norms, and risen above poverty to become CEOs, entrepreneurs, activists, role models, media moguls, and movement creators. This collection of stories, essays, and interviews celebrates their superpowers: love, determination, vision, and grit. These 50 women share their wisdom and advice in ways that will inspire you to discover your own superpower.

Each story will transport you into the life and perspective of one who dares to challenge the status quo, dismantle barriers, and empower those around her: Alexa Carlin, a CEO at the age of 17, overcame a 1% chance of surviving sepsis and started the Women Empowerment Expo; Mariah Hanson launched "the Dinah", the world's largest party and music festival for lesbians; activist and gun control advocate Shira Tarantino founded the ENOUGH Campaign; Laverne Delgado is program director of Fashion & Freedom, which rescues victims of sex trafficking and helps them learn skills to enter the fashion industry; plus dozens of other women who refused to accept societal limitations and whose achievements offer inspiring lessons for us all.

"Asha Dahya's Today's Wonder Women takes you on an exciting journey through the voices and stories of women from around the world. Asha's voice is uplifting, inspiring, healing, and optimistic. By the end of the book, you feel like you have gained a new sisterhood of female changemakers to inspire you on a daily basis. Today's Wonder Women will leave you feeling emboldened to take up more space, use your voice, and be the hero in your own story." (Tabby Biddle, women's leadership coach, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author of Find Your Voice)

"This collection of stories, essays, and interviews celebrates a diverse set of inspiring women across the globe who are leveling the playing field for future generations of women and girls. Any reader will find wisdom, experiences, and lessons that resonate with them in the pages of this book. This is a must-read for gender justice advocates everywhere working to secure gender equity in their communities and workplaces." (Emerald Archer, PhD, associate professor of political science and director of the Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles)

"A beautiful cross-section of inspiration and leadership, offering more than platitudes or stories of luck or happenstance. Today's Wonder Women is full of ideas and organizations to help you further pursue what you were born to do." (Kristie Holmes, co-chair, United Nations Civil Society Press & Media Subcommittee)

"We are in a unique moment in history where women's stories of strength and resilience help illuminate a more integrated image of what it means to be fearless and female in the twenty-first century. Asha Dahya has compiled stories, essays, and interviews that teach us about the extraordinary works of ordinary women." (Helen Slater, actress, Supergirl (1984))