Daedalus Job, The

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Daedalus Job, The

Daedalus Job, The

By: M. D. Cooper

series:Outlaws of Aquilia #1
audio performed by: Christian Rummel, Amy Landon
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:08/11/2020
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Jax Bremen is an outlaw...sort of.

Within the L, a tri-star system located inside the Aquilian Nebula, Jax makes a living trading and smuggling whatever goods pay the best. So far, he's avoided being caught with anything too damning in his ship's holds, but when he takes a job for Korinth, an infamous arms dealer, all that changes. 

The haul is worth 10 times his ship, and when the contents gets him embroiled in a tug of war between the major political factions of the L, Jax has to keep the criminals he works for from discovering that he's playing both sides. Hell, he just might have to play all the sides to navigate the tangled web he's in. 

Every move he makes to get free of the quagmire draws him in deeper until Jax finds himself on the hook to run the hardest job he's ever undertaken: rob the Daedalus, a military cruiser escorting a convoy through the Maelstrom. 

Sure. Cakewalk, right? 

Grab the explosive first book in a new space opera thrill ride from NYT best-selling author M.D. Cooper. It's perfect for fans of Elizabeth Moon, Ken Lozito, and Craig Alanson.