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By: Willow Aster

series:Kingdoms of Sin #3
audio performed by: Alexandria Wilde, Joseph Discher
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:08/11/2020
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"Ruin was emotional, angsty, and deliciously forbidden." (Sarah Norris)  

I never wanted to be a royal. I could leave that to my older brother and sister and be happy. I'd rather see the world, experience life with unjaded eyes, and meet people who liked me based on something other than their expectations. Gentry Barrington saw exactly who I was the first time we met, the real me. My title wasn't part of the equation. It was our connection that made the impression...and maybe our kiss that stopped time, it was so good. He had no idea how young I was. I had no idea how old he was. But sometimes appearances did matter, and there were rules that must be followed...or else the forbidden became too alluring to ignore.