Sea Shenanigans: Volume 2

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Sea Shenanigans: Volume 2

Sea Shenanigans: Volume 2

Sea Shenanigans, Books 4-6

By: Robyn Peterman

series:Sea Shenanigans
audio performed by: Lance Greenfield, CJ Bloom, Max Bellmore, Erin Mallon, David Brenin
genre: Romance - Paranormal Romance
publication date:08/18/2020
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Come for the vacation. Stay for the shenanigans!  

Mermaids. Check. Pirates, werewolves, genies, and a drunken sea god. Check. Check. Check. Check.  

Come on an adventure with my mermaids and their unlikely heroes. Get three hilarious stories all in one big audiobook!   

The Sea Shenanigans series has been a delight to write and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved writing it.