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A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round

By: Myquillyn Smith

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genre: Faith Based - Christian Living
publication date:09/15/2020
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Cozy Minimalist Seasons is for the woman who:

  • longs to have a fresh seasonal home that's simple, meaningful and represents her unique style.
  • has bins full of seasonal decor but still feels like something is missing.
  • wishes she could be a confident, lighthearted and natural hostess who volunteers her house for gatherings.

Cozy Minimalist Seasons will help her:

  • create afestive, seasonal home without the fuss, excess bins of decor or exhaustion
  • volunteer her home for gatherings, parties and impromptu get-togethers
  • pay attention to the pace of creation; incorporating the natural world into her home
  • enjoy a perennial home that serves her family, friends and neighbors all through the year

On any given day of the year, you and I can walk outside and immediately identify the season without knowing the date. The natural rhythms of creation have been communicating with us through our senses our entire life.

Now we can learn how to welcome the seasons into our homes, the same way we experience them in nature: through our five senses.

With each season comes celebrations we long to take part in. Most of us dream about being the kind of hostess who volunteers her home for these gatherings, but often we feel insecure or like we need to wait for our circumstances to improve. A Cozy Minimalist's goal is to create a perennial home that doesn't require bins of factory made decor, but instead focuses on true seasonal supplies.

When our home is ready for each season, it's automatically ready for the celebrations and holidays within that season.

We don't need more ideas about how to throw an impressive dinner party, the correct way to set a table, or twelve ways to decorate cupcakes. We want permission to open up our home in the midst of our imperfect yet beautiful life. We need to know what to focus on and what not to worry about when it comes to being a relaxed and confident hostess. We crave true connection that demands the least amount of fuss. This book is our guide.

The Nesting Place says: You're a perfectionist, here's how to fix it and it starts at home.

Cozy Minimalist Home says: You're overwhelmed, here's how to fix it and it starts at home.

Cozy Minimalist Seasons says: You're dreading hosting and seasonal decorating, here's how to fix it, and it starts with paying attention to creation, not in the holiday aisle at Hobby Lobby.