Witch in the Woods and Other Stories, The

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Witch in the Woods and Other Stories, The

Witch in the Woods and Other Stories, The

By: Marian Broderick

audio performed by: Cece Peters
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Middle Grade
publication date:09/15/2020


The Witch Apprentice: There’s something very odd going on in Anna Kelly’s new home – her guardians, Grizz and Wormella Mint, are witches, and they want Anna to help them with their nasty spells! When she discovers an evil, old spell book in the cellar – can Anna make the magic work for her?

The Witch in the Woods: When Anna meets Verbena Vile, a mad, bad and dangerous witch, she she’d worked a bit harder on her spells! Especially when Verbena kidnaps Anna’s best friend Mary it’s up to Anna and her cat Charlie to rescue her … will Anna’s magic be strong enough to save Mary and defeat the vile Verbena?

A Witch in a Fix: Anna’s science teacher really gets on her nerves – but is that a good enough reason to turn her into a giant rat? With a big, angry rat on the loose, Anna soon realises she’s made a bad mistake. How will she turn it back into her teacher? And can she do it quickly, before anyone finds out that she’s an apprentice witch?