Hotshot Deceiver

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Hotshot Deceiver

Hotshot Deceiver

A Hero Club Novel

By: Hero Club, K E Osborn

series:Hero Club
audio performed by: Wen Ross, Kai Kennicott
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:08/25/2020
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We all have secrets. 

Like the fact that I portray myself as a simple florist, living a mundane life. Which is a far stretch from reality.   

My family is rock-god royalty. My father an ‘80s icon, my siblings all celebrities in their own right. Then there's me, Lyric Griffin, hiding in plain sight, trying to be everything I'm not.   

Along comes Eddie, someone to whom I find myself completely attracted. I'm simply Lyric to him, not a princess of rock. He's gorgeous, a little cocky, and knows what he wants - me.   

But I made a mistake.
I trusted him, and he betrayed me.
Is Eddie nothing but a hotshot deceiver?   

The thing about secrets is they always have a way of coming out in the end.