When the Snow Gums Dance

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When the Snow Gums Dance

When the Snow Gums Dance

By: Anne McCullagh Rennie

audio performed by: Casey Withoos
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:09/15/2020


A gorgeous rural romance set against the steamy tropical north of Papua New Guinea and Australia's Snowy Mountains.

The legend says: if two people kiss beneath the snow gums, the result will be a love greater and more potent than any other on the face of the earth.

The beautiful Snowy Mountains are Kylie Harris' home. An expert, daring skier, Kylie once dreamed of instructing the rich and famous who come to the Victorian Alps each winter. But when tragedy strikes, she is forced to reassess her life.

In the wilds of Papua New Guinea, Kylie, now an aid worker, is reunited with the man she believes is her soul mate. But it turns out happiness is an elusive gift. Heartbroken, Kylie is convinced she will never again love so deeply.

Can she find the courage to let go of her past? From the snow-capped ridges of the high country to the tropical heat of Port Moresby, When the Snow Gums Dance is a story of courage and determination...and of a love as enduring as the land itself.