Ringmaster, The

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Ringmaster, The

Ringmaster, The

By: Morris West

audio performed by: Peter Hosking
genre: Fiction - Historical Fiction
publication date:09/15/2020


A Japanese company threatens to plunder the hardwood forests of South-East Asia, but it comes up against a mysterious group of businessmen with a mission to save the world's resources. 

Autumn 1990. The world is teetering on the edge of war in the Gulf, Germany is reunited and a crumbling USSR stares ruin in the face. In Japan, a group of powerful men and women gather to create a rescue plan that will bring all three countries together for the first time in 50 years.  

Polyglot international publisher Gill Langton is mediator-in-chief. Treading the highest wire of global power-broking, he alone can balance politics with intrigue, maneuver with counter-maneuver. But his love for the beautiful, enigmatic Martha could bring it all tumbling down.