Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief

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Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief

Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief

By: Harriet Muncaster

series:Mirabelle #1
audio performed by: Emily Wheaton
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:10/15/2020


This series of chapter stories from best-selling author Harriet Muncaster introduces Isadora Moon's cousin, Mirabelle!  

Meet Mirabelle. Her mum is a witch and her dad is a fairy and Mirabelle is a bit of both. She likes casting spells with her fairy wand and flying around on her witchy broomstick, but most of all, the thing she really, really likes to do, is cause mischief. And in Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief, she does just that!