Sanction, The

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Sanction, The

Sanction, The

By: Mark Sennen

series:Holm & da Silva #1
audio performed by: Michael Wahr
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:10/15/2020


A bullet in the right place can change the world…

Rebecca da Silva, former crack sniper in the British Special Forces stationed in Afghanistan, is languishing in a dead-end job.

Stephen Holm, an intelligence analyst, gambles his position upon the capture of the ruthless Taher, a terrorist so elusive that MI5 are not convinced he exists.

But then a deadly terror attack in Tunisia changes everything, setting them on two interconnected paths, one born of revenge, the other of obsession. How do you stop a terrorist you can’t find? Their discoveries, and fight for survival, will go to the very heart of power… To the White House.