Life Above Zero

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Life Above Zero

Life Above Zero

Making Mindset Manageable, Health Holistic, Spirituality Science, and Life Liberating!

By: Lauren Kerr

audio performed by: Lauren Kerr
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:10/15/2020


What is Life Above Zero?

There is more to life than just surviving. There is thriving, flourishing and soaring. There is a life above zero and everyone deserves to live it.

This book equips you with the practical skills and mindset, backed with psychology, research and statistics to help you unlock the code to success in your life and beat the mental health epidemic. Lauren shares personable, relatable stories to prove you're not alone in your experiences, and empowers you with universal assignments to up-level your own health, relationships, career and business. In this book you'll discover the psychology to be happy in our fast-paced, demanding world of quick fixes and results. (With some positive, warm and fuzzy vibes thrown in, sprinkled with some tough love!)

Are you ready to live a Life Above Zero?